April 13th
Time: 7 PM - 9 PM
Address: Bredelaerstrasse 77, Düsseldorf

Do you have any questions on aspects of launching a start-up? Our team of experts is happy to answer them! No lectures or PowerPoint presentations. You choose the subjects. It does not matter whether if you are in the initial orientation phase or already on the way to self-employment: you will have your own individual needs when it comes to information and advice. That is why our answers are tailored to your individual situation. This is what makes dbt´s Small Talk for start-ups such an unique offer. Each one of you gets a say – in a group with a great deal of dynamism. You will learn something from all the questions and answers. You will benefit from the experiences of the dbt team. Experts in the fields of start-up consulting, strategy development, sales & marketing, web design, Internet, accounting and insurance. We discuss issues openly as a group, find answers and give advice on all aspects of self-employment. At the same time, you can exchange views with like-minded people and network. There may be quite a number of different topics up for discussion – from consulting support and public funding, to the employment agency funding for starting your own business out of unemployment, and on market testing by building a start-up on the side line. We tell you what you need to consider when you decide to launch a start-up as a main occupation. You find out what notifications you need to make and which approvals & permits you need. We also familiarise you with the wide range of funding options, in order to be well equipped to plan the next steps and watch out for stumbling blocks. You can address your questions in an informal and open atmosphere, also regarding the subject of insurances. The focus will be on what concerns you particularly. Tailored to your individual needs. 

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