The counseling program “Wirtschaft NRW” (BPW), also named pre-founding coaching “Wirtschaft NRW” (BPW)


Beratungsprogramm Wirtschaft NRW (BPW)


Starters from the region Nordrhein-Westphalia could already before the actual establishments of their company get a funding. The coaching/counseling program “Wirtschaft NRW” (BPW) supports consults, counseling, advising and the actual realization of a business concept before business starters are commencing their companies. Subsidized is the following: the concept of starting a business or the takeover of a company, or taking a (majority) interest in a company. It focuses on the company founders of commercial businesses and free/unregulated craftsmen’s jobs.

创业者在创业前就能得到政府提供的支助。“Wirtschaft NRW” (BPW)创业辅助项目为创业者在企业计划实施前边对其制定,审核与实施进行咨询辅导。被资助者限于创建公司者,接管公司者,占多数股权的公司股东。此资助专注于工商业者与自由职业者。

However NOT subsidized are persons who will take up the following professions: business advisers/consultants, economic consultants, tax consultants or certified balance sheet examiners.


What is subsidized?什么将被资助?

The concept must foresee an autonomous self propelling business in the region Nordrhein-Westphalia - Germany.


Not subsidized is: counseling in the startup and establishment phase of the company after the actual founding date of the company; counseling in the fields of general legislation, insurances and taxes. Also end of year book closures and bookkeeping activities are not subsidized.


What does this mean for you?对于你来讲这将意味着什么?

This program focuses at people starting a company as described above. They can get up to 50% funding (not to be paid back!) of the counseling /coaching fee. The donation is maximal 400 Euros per day.


If you will actually start your business yes or no after successful counseling is up to you: The donation however must not be paid back!


Persons who get unemployment’s benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II) or students from Hochschule, and people re-entering the labour market with similar money intake, can possibly count on 80% donation of the counseling fee per day! This donation is up to max 400 Euros a day.

领取失业救济金II的失业者,大学毕业生或者是拥有类似收入的再就业者, 甚至可能获得80%但每天最高金额不超过400欧元的培训或咨询补助。

The funding of a startup counseling can only be funded once every five years.


Especially interesting is the pre-startup counseling for people who are eager on starting their own business and starters who are still employed yet, but are willing to establish their own company and would like to get the chance to have their business idea judged/scanned by a professional business coach.


However, also business location, customer- and competition analysis can also be integrated in this program before the actual founding of the company takes place. This is a key factor when it comes down to success or failure for hiring company facilities at the right location.


Interesting is that there is no minimal amount set for counseling. This implies that this funding structure is very well suited for small counseling jobs.


What must you do to obtain this funding?如何才能获得该基金?

During an initial talk will be determined which counseling subject(s) are appropriate for you. After this initial meeting a project proposal with foreseen costs is made up. Before you issue the counseling request a short meeting together with your coach/counselor to the official body who provides the funding must take place. The project plan as already discussed with your coach serves as guideline during this meeting. After the meeting you will receive hopefully the go ahead decision and you can start working out you business concept together with your coach. When the counseling process is finished your coach writes a detailed counseling report together will the billing receipt containing the payment details.


In order to be able to work as a coach for company starters it is required that the coach is equipped with the necessary training, skills, and experience and last but not least is officially certified! As goes without saying dbt das-berater-team, in person Lisa Henke is a certified coach by Beratungsprogramm NRW.

成为一名创业咨询师,相关的培训技能经验以及官方的认证是必不可少的,除了dbt das-berater-team Lisa Henke 是通过北威州咨询项目认证的咨询师,她也被评为北威州最佳咨询师。

We are of course willing to give you further details about the funding program.


Please call us and plan a free of charge initial familiarization meeting.


We will advise you in all details and go through all funding possibilities that could be apply to your needs! We are happy to receive your call, +49 (211) 4 70 91 22.


Or send us an Email: l.henke

For more information visit our website: (in German language!)


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